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Gabriel Voicu: ”The debut is auspicious”

30 Decembrie 2017

The 2017 year was approched for the first time by the Futnet Timisoara team. Its leader, Gabriel Voicu, synthesized in a few words: "The biggest gain is that we have formed this team and that we have evolved to a praiseworthy level. There have been many games that I have lost to the limit, which is why ranking seems lower compared with the evolution on the field. However, let's think we do not have a comparison term for this season, so if we went with the championship all the way to the end, it's a first step. For the comming year we want to be able to keep this team, the financial plan and the sport, as real challenges for us."

The dialogue took place shortly after the end of the Winter Cup, which Gabriel Voicu talked about: "The Winter Cup is a competition for the promotion of the futnet. Unfortunately, we still do not manage to raise a larger number of athletes, even if they come to local competitions. I hope to overcome this difficulty and to increase the lot numerically. "

For Futnet Timişoara, the organization of the World Championships in Romania in 2018 is a special thing: "Any managerial objective in 2018 must be subordinated to the flawless organization of the World Championships in Cluj-Napoca. We will be there because we have to study the best players in the world. Of course, as Romanians, we will offer all the help that will be required.

Happy Birthday!"

Gabriel Voicu: ”Debutul este de bun augur”


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