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Romania brings Spain to UNIF

21 Septembrie 2017

During last week, a delegation headed by the president Sorin Bogdan, was in Spain, for a bilateral meeting with the representatives of a similar association from Spain.

Taking in consideration that the main futnet animator is the former footballer from Targoviste, Sorin Radoi, the affiliation negotations for Spain to UNIF were more easier.

Sorin Radoi is former coach to the kids and juniors center of football team Villareal. He saw in playing football-tennis an efficient and pleasent method to improve football players tehnique. This is the reason for studying in this field and a few years ago he aligned a national team from Spain to the European championships from Targoviste.

“I was surprised by the level below the average of the spectacle because we as beginners  we managed to climb the podium. Also I heard the romanina players saying that there are competitions much stronger competitions. So this is why I did some researches and I found Futnet”, said sorin Radoi.

The conclusion after the discussions was that spain will start doing the steps for changing the name in Futnet and to affliate to UNIF.

 Spanish Futnet Association of Football-Tennis (the actual name of the institution) has the headquarters in Burriana, Valencia Comunity  and it enjoys the local authorieties support  like the City Hall or the Prefecture. One of the representatives of the local comunity is Vincent Granel, is futnet lover who participated to the discussions about the colaboration between Romania-Spania.

Sorin bogdan and Sorin Radoi decided to start a close colaboration on the futnet line. Spain will participate in this autumn to the world championships for juniors  from Nymburk, Czech Republic.

“I consider that bringing Spain to futnet family is a great victory for us, the Romanians, and to all futnet lovers no matter the color of the passport. Spain is a country where the popular culture of the sport is very developed and good for performance. I am happy that I found there  the Romanian Sorin Radoi, , whos adoption country has a great possibility to make performance in sport. I am happy that romania can be on futnet floor, can be a locomotive and a fight for Spain. We will do everything to help the Spanish people and to integrate them as soon as possible in UNIF structures. We can’t wait to welcome them to Cluj next year  for the World Championships for seniors, but until then we will have other work meetings”, said the Romanian Futnet Association president.


România aduce Spania în UNIF
România aduce Spania în UNIF
România aduce Spania în UNIF



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